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Issues related to workforce or patient aging.

Career development

Career development or progression.


Required standards for authorizing certification.


Process or document verifying that a health worker is competent to work.


Issues related to credentialing of health workers.


Granting a health worker official permission to practice.


How health care workers are assigned to different positions or how the workforce is distributed.

Education-Continuing/In service

Continuing training, or completed in service by the health care workers.


Education or training program for future health care workers, general discussions on education.


Master's or PhD.

Education-Internationally educated

Health care workers who received their education outside the country in which they're working.


Implies educators and teachers from two or more health professions and their fundamental disciplines who create and facilitate? a collaborative study environment.


Gender issues related to health human resources.


Systems by which organizations are managed and controled; related to systems, processes, controls, responsabilities and decision making at the heart and at the highest level of an organization.

Health Human Resources-General

Related to health human resources issues in general.

Human Resources Management

Management of the health care workers.

Interprofessional Collaboration

Working with one or many members of the health care team, each contributing differently in reaching the same goal.

Job Satisfaction

Health care worker's career or specific position satisfaction.

Labour relations

Study and practice of managing unionized employment situations.


Leadership capacities and opportunities for healthcare workers.

Migration/Brain drain

Health care workers migration between countries, provinces and areas (rural or urban).

Performance assessment

Review of health care workers' performance, knowledge or skills; healthcare systems performance evaluation.

Planning-Financial aspects

Financial aspects of health human resources planning.


Health human resources planning to meet health's needs.

Planning-Human resources evaluation/assessment

Assessment of number of health care workers available and planning of the number of healthcare workers necessary in the future.

Policy-Financial aspects

Financial aspects of health policy.


Policy related to health human resources.


Policy related to health human resources organization.


Policy related to health human resources on a national/regional level.

Practice guidelines

Related specifically to practice guidelines.


Improvement and evaluation of efficiency or productivity of health care workers or healthcare system.

Professional role-General

Expected function of a member or a specific profession.

Professional role-Scope of practice

Tasks for which a health care worker is trained and authorized to perform by a regulation organism-regulatory board.

Quality of care/Health outcomes

Measure or evaluation of quality of care and health outcomes.


Methods to attract workers to health professions.


Changes inside a health system or a health organization.


Health care workers remuneration, motivation methods and healthcare workers retention (incentives).


Strategies to keep health care workers in the health sector, the country, or in specific positions.

Service delivery/access

Methods to provide specific health services, service access.

Skill mix

The distribution of health care skill sets.


Health care workers supply and demand, including shortages.

Task shifting

The delegation of health tasks (generally to lower cadres) to free up time for higher level cadres or to fill gaps in service delivery.


Technologies used to manage health workforce, provide access to health professionals or play a role usually done by health professionals in service delivery.


Stress or burnout related to a health professional's work.


Healthy workplace including professional safety issues.


Violence in the workplace.

Workplace issues/Worklife-General

Work environment and its effects on health professionals, including health professionals treatment and workload.